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Be respectful of your fellow forumers at all times

We're not after keyboard warriors here! Do not attack or flame any players, no matter any history you have. It isn't permitted on the forums.
Do not post vulgar or profane content, and do not use inappropriate language on the forums. In particular, swearing is not allowed on the forums. Do not give inappropriate references to bodily functions, and no innuendo's please; nobody wants to see it.
You cannot show a specific player in a negative light, so no naming and shaming. Posts to start or advertise trust trading is not permitted on the forums.

No Spam or Meaningless Content

Make sure your threads have a reason for discussion when you create them - instead of "I do not like cards", tell everyone what you do not like and how to make it better.
Do not post in all caps, do not stretch your post unnecessarily with line breaks or tabs, do not post ASCII art outside of the designated threads.
Confidential information must not be posted on the public forums, e.g Specialist forum information, confidential information relating to Triad Battle, Sharklab, or other Sharklab products, etc.
Do not bump or restart discussion on threads where discussions have finished, i.e "Gravebumping".

Do Not make Duplicate Threads, and do Not Steal Another Player's Thread content

Do not post a new thread when the discussion point has already been raised in other recent threads - use the search feature on the forums to check first!
No duplicating a thread in the same forum or across several forums, and do not post the same message repeatedly in a single thread.
Do not copy somebody else's thread (plagiarism) - thread content belongs to the account which first posted it or the clan which they posted it for.

Stay on the topic of the original post - do not hijack another thread

When replying to a post, make sure your response is on topic with the original post. Do not take it off track.
Do not intentionally derail another thread, be respectful of other's work.
Do not purposely start an off-topic argument for the sake of it.

Do not start a discussion on a potentially sensitive topic, for example religion or politics

As religion and politics are prone to start flame wars or cause grief, they are not up for discussion here.
Do not target any communities with the intention to create a sensitive discussion.

No advertising any other website except for recognised fansites

Do not discuss, target or impersonate Forum Moderators or their actions

Forum Moderators are here to keep the peace and help the Forums stay a positive, friendly community. Targeting them or their actions publicly will not be tolerated.
Do not create threads to harass, discredit, or argue against a Forum moderator
Do not circumvent a mute or ban you have received by returning on another account to continue the argument.
Do not try to pretend to be a Forum moderator - only posts with a green border on them are those of a Forum Moderator and it'll be very obvious if you do!

Images posted must be appropriate for these forums

Images must not include or display:

Cheating, gambling, or circumventing other Sharklab rules.
Excessive Gore or mutilation
"Hate Speech" - Demeaning race, gender, age, religious or sexual orientation, etc.
Threats, harassment or language that is generally considered rude - including swearing
Content that encourages violence or crime
Illegal activities, such as drug use.
Any type of sexual content or inappropriate nudity
Any images that contain the above will be removed.
Do not use images which are copyrighted or trademarked. Any usage will be at the poster's own risk.
Posting images containing sexual content will result in an immediate and permanent forum ban without warning.
Sharklab reserves the right to delete any image which it deems inappropriate.

Before you go...

Some of these rules may be interpreted differently by different people. Sharklab and Forum moderators will always do what they think is best to protect this community.
These rules are not exhaustive, and it may be necessary to take action against accounts in order to remove disruptive behaviour, even if it is not specifically mentioned here.
All Moderators may sometimes use their personal judgement in order to curtail or remove disruptive behaviour that is not clearly covered here, on a case by case basis. When forum moderators apply this rule, the situation will always be reviewed by Sharklab Staff and if necessary, clarified for future reference in the rule set.