Deck building, tricks and strategy

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Deck building, tricks and strategy

Post by Veldrane » Fri May 12, 2017 5:06 pm

There are many ways to build and design your deck. The campaign missions give you an idea as to how best to deploy certain cards and utilise different strategies and allows you to earn some of those cards.

The rare cards from the campaign will be a staple of most people's decks for a while (I still have lvl 1 cave golem and lvl 1 sacred ox in my deck!) but through the mining feature you are able to earn gems to buy rare and epic cards. This is where everyone's deck starts to diverge and become more unique, there are a multitude of different tactics available in this game.

I will be posting a few of my ideas along with our reigning grand champ Mister P who has also agreed to help me with some content!

If you have anything you'd like to share we'd love to hear some of your thoughts, likewise this can be a place to discuss the pros and cons of certain cards and strategies.

If anyone would like advice or assistance about how to improve their deck please ask, the point of this forum as I see it is to develop the community of this game and to help others get the most enjoyment out of playing

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Re: Deck building, tricks and strategy

Post by ToFu96 » Mon May 15, 2017 8:31 am

I have the following strategy

What your deck could look like
1) try to use cards with even life (2,4,6,8) so you have the control of the board in late game
2) get some cards with low life in your deck and at least one with 1 life
3) focus your cards on a specific side/specific sides. I for example have some epic cards with good values "on the left" so I focused my deck heavily on good "left values" and have a few cards with good "right values". Preferably your cards with good left values are strong up and/or down so you are not completely screwed if things are not going in your favour
4) try to get rid of cards that have low stats but good shield (they are bad imo and backfire most of the times)
5) average cards are pretty useless once you reached higher ELO. You don't want a card with 6/6/6/6 but rather 9/9/3/3
6) get some cards with "pierce". I especially like level 3 common cards, because they are easy to get and solid (I don't have better pierce cards to be honest). Also, you should have these dragons with 1 life and 7 pierce attack in your deck. They are really useful
7) some low cards (I use level 1 chicken as example) can come quite handy as blockers etc.
8) have some immortal cards, I have about five
9) cards with "weakness" who lower their stats every turn can be very good in the right situation, maybe get 1-2 of them
10) cards with "growth" can be useful, maybe get 1-2 of them too. But only use them with even life, otherwise they are kinda useless

About gameplay (how I tend to play)
1) always count when a card is going to vanish
2) completely ignore "converting" cards that will vanish anyways
3) in the first turns play the cards you don't need and ignore them until they vanished
or place immortal cards on the middle of the sides (so you can convert them back easily if your opponent goes for them). You can also place cards with even life so you can place something when they vanished (immortal cards as example)
4) try to keep cards with 1 life as long as possible in your hand so you can suprise your enemy (especially in late game)
5) certain tricks to fool your opponents and force victories (I won't explain that here but it's trivial to win)

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